Cuban models

At present they are the most sought after faces in the fashion industry on an island level, thanks to their talent and above all to their beauty which manages to break with each and every one of the canons of beauty, which are those stipulated today all over the world.

In recent years, the island has become a portfolio of fashion, beauty and especially talent on the catwalk which makes these models excel in all aspects of modeling either on video, catwalks or in photographs they give it all.

It is for this reason, that nowadays to talk about modeling or fashion without mentioning Cuba is a very serious mistake since the island has achieved an important place in this world of elegance, both in the proposals and in the models that are gaining more and more international prestige.

Hence the existence of the models that are considered an icon of fashion and above all of beauty within the proposal of haute couture on the island where a list of young models stands out that I will mention in the following list:

Malena and Milena Rivalta Sisters

Born in the province of Villa clara, this pair is one of the most outstanding and, of course, one of the best quoted in the Cuban fashion industry since they were born to be models because their beauty is what designers are looking for.

The fact of belonging to the new generation of young models has not managed to discourage them at all, since they were already part of one of the biggest parades of proposal of the powerful Versace, which has made them known worldwide.

Since they are now known and highly sought after by designers seeking beauty, elegance and above all talent for their different designs so with these sisters do not have much to ask or look for because they have everything.

Known as the Rivalta, these sisters manage to transmit through the cameras much elegance and also much beauty which makes a very special and impotent mixture, which the camera manages to capture as one of the best moments of the catwalk.

Laura Roque

Not all models are just beauty and elegance, and this particular model is proof of that since she has a degree in musical sciences with the specialty of clarinet and recorder, which shows you that what I am saying is not just another gross lie.

This model is also one of the ones that has more work throughout the year since all her qualities make her stand out in a very good way from all that beautiful talent that the Caribbean island has, so she is not only pure beauty.

She also has a lot of elegant talent and above all a lot of intelligence which has given her a place of importance within the world of fashion on the island, same that the creators have known how to value her and also have known how to take advantage of her.

Anays Diz pe

It is the sensation of the moment within the world of the high costume in the island, and that that has very little trajectory but all its height is due to its enormous talent to its undeniable beauty and mainly to its very sober elegance, which has put between the most looked for.

It is at her young age of 7 years that she was discovered as a potential talent which with time became a beautiful reality since this model has managed to take over the catwalks where she has become the absolute queen.

But in spite of all the fame, and also of all the good opinion on the part of the creative masters, she smiles with much humility is a girl with the feet well put on the earth, because she says that the fame as it arrives, passes.

She has participated in very important events in several parts of the world like Paris, Italy and of course in her native Cuba, so she is already well known in the demanding world of fashion and that is why she is one of the best valued models today.

Yesica Borroto

There is no doubt that genetics is on her side, but apart from that particular detail, she has a talent that seems never to cease to surprise since she is also one of the best actresses in Cuban cinema.

So, as you can see, this young model is not only beautiful and elegant, but she also has a natural talent, which is why she has earned a prestigious place in the world of videos and everything that has to do with advertising on the island of Cuba.

So there you have another clear example that the new era of Cuban modeling is full of beauty, elegance, but also a lot of talent and above all a lot of intelligence, so its evolution as a fashion industry is undeniable.

Her different, fresh, modern, youthful and very confident look earned her a place in the fashion shows of master creator Karl Lagerfeld, and with this, this young and very talented model was consecrated as one of the best quoted in the industry.

Carolina Baños

This beautiful model who is a consecrated icon of the Cuban fashion, has elegance and beauty at the same time she manages to distribute all her time between the world of the beauty and the modeling with her studies at university level of folkloric dance, which demonstrates her immense desire of triumph and especially of responsibility with herself for what she demonstrates us once again that the Cuban models are not only elegant and beautiful if not that also they are very intelligent and especially they are brave women and very empowered of her role in the industry of the high costume.

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